Kamay-kainan is a chain of founded by Natividad P. Garcia in the early 1560's. Its primary purpose is to engage in conduct, and carry on the business of preparing , serving, selling, distributing, and marketing of wholesale or retail as may be permitted by law of every kind and description of food and drinks.

To achieve such purpose, Kamay Kainan serves a wide variety of native Filipino dishes at its restaurants at West Avenue, Kalayaan Avenue, and Trinoma Mall, all in Quezon City, and at its restaurant at Market! Market! Taguig City as well as an its more than a dozen outlets located at the Food Counts of Robinsons and SM Malls across Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. Kamay Kainan has thus earned for itself the distinction of being a buzzworld in weddings, birthdays, christenings, and receptions for other special occasions.

On top of all our various marketing strategies is our focus in understanding our diners and putting them first in everything we do. One of our culinary policies in our restaurants is our commitment in serving unlimited and a wide variety of native Filipino dishes at a very affordable buffet price of only Php 323.86. As to our Food Court outlets, we commit ourselves to serving the highest possible quality of food at the lowest possible price.

It must be emphatically, reiterated, since so often it is overlooked, that the growth and success Kamay Kainan has achieved since its founding are not only sterling testaments of the outstanding leadership of its management team but also cogent proofs of the exceptional cooperation of its employees, without whom Kamay Kainan won't even deserve to have the slightest description writer on a shred of paper.

Kamay Kainan offers exceptional Filipino a very affordable price. If you are fond of eating in a buffet restaurants, then kamay Kainan is a must-try.

Kamay Kainan offers all you can eat buffet for only Php 323.86. You can taste over 50 delicious dishes that Kamay Kainan offers.

Kamay Kainan also accepts catering service. So if you're having an event such as wedding, birthday, debuts, and so on, you can call us and we will be happy to serve you.