Debut Packages

  Debut Packages
Any big gathering is not complete without food. Kamay Kainan also offers Debut Packages for 50 pax, 75 pax and 100 pax. If you want to make sure that everyone is satisfied with what they're eating, choose Kamay Kainan.Two (2) hours use of venue
Tarpaulin “Happy Birthday” banner with picture of celebrant
18 roses placed in basket with ribbon trimmings
18 candles placed in basket with ribbon trimmings
Balloons for centerpiece
1 centerpiece – 10 pax
8x12 ordinary cake
Table set-up for the celebrant only
Use of tables for cakes and gifts
Free electricity charge
Signature frame
Souvenirs (jewelry box)
50 pax – 12 pcs.
75 pax – 16 pcs
100 pax – 20 pcs.
*Additional jewelry box: P30.00 each

Note: Send picture of celebrant via email:

Use of chocolate fountain with 5 varieties: