Baptismal Packages
Kamay Kainan offers catering service for Baptismal events. Kamay Kainan has different packages for 30 pax, 50 pax and 100 pax. Check our Baptismal Packages to see full details.

Kids Party Packages
Kamay Kainan can complete your child's birthday party by serving the best dishes. We cater for 25 up to 50 persons. Browse our website to see full details of our Kids Party Packages.

Wedding Reception Packages
Beside Baptismal and Kids Party Packages, we also offer Wedding Reception Packages that can accommodate 30 pax, 50, pax, 75 pax, and 100 pax.

Debut Packages
Any big gathering is not complete without food. Kamay Kainan also offers Debut Packages for 50 pax, 75 pax and 100 pax. If you want to make sure that everyone is satisfied with what they're eating, choose Kamay Kainan.